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The 4 atoll itinerary is ideal if you visit the Maldives for the first time. It is the most complete because it brings together all the diversity that can be found in this archipelago, from the great pelagic domination to the most varied species that are concentrated in the barriers.
In addition, the 4 atoll route is ideal at any time of the year because, regardless of the monsoon, the sight of the whale shark and manta rays is almost guaranteed. In the Maldives, there are two monsoons, the dry one, from November to April, and the wet one, from May to October. However, it is a tropical climate and the sun is guaranteed in any case.
During the seven days of the cruise, eighteen dives are carried out in the four main points of underwater activity that this itinerary offers us.
The Thila are large mountains submerged in the sea that are found from a depth of six meters and a maximum of thirty or forty.
The Guiri have the same type of formation but they are closer to the surface, reaching up to only three meters. And finally, the Farus that are on the surface regardless of the tide. The characteristic common to all these mountains is the possibility of being able to enjoy sea bottoms covered with corals full of life.
Another type of diving that we do during life on board the itinerary 4 atolls is that of the famous Kandus, a channel in the language of the Maldives. For many, it is the most beautiful dive of the cruise. It takes place in the space between two islands, where ocean currents pass inside the atoll, allowing the entrance of the great pelagics. Here you can see the close-up of gray sharks, white tip reef sharks, Jack and sea eagles and finally, the spectacular nocturnal species, unique to the Maldives.


All the year
Male Nord, Male Sud, Ari e Felidhoo/Rasdhoo

• 2-3 dives/day during 6 days of diving (7 nights on board)
• Ideal for the first time you visit the Maldives
• It can be done throughout the year
• It brings together all the marine biodiversity of the archipelago
• New: you can do three-night dives (Maaya Thila with white tip reef sharks and moraines, a bay of the Mante and Alimatha with the catsharks)