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 The Maldives


The thousand shades between the blue and the blue of the sea, the intense green of the vegetation, the blinding white of the pristine beaches. The incomparable spectacle of islands of islands that are lost on the horizon, surrounded by colored haloes ranging from white to green, to blue and the intense blue of an immaculate sea. Diving, even in the clear waters of the Maldives has entered the largest aquarium in the world.

You navigate between turquoise lagoons and deserted islands. You wake up every morning in a new place.
The size of the boats, with sun and incomparable and luxurious cabins, make it impossible to live a private boat.
Those who love relaxation will find the perfect sun decks for rest and tanning. It is available for relaxing at sunset or lulled by the light waves of the sea.
For lovers of the sea, diving or snorkeling, the cruise is undoubtedly the ideal holiday. Every day we stop in a different place, experiencing all types of seabed and encountering a quantity and fauna of marine fauna impossible with a holiday on land.
The itineraries change with the season, to always guarantee the best result on the cruise. In some periods of the year, they are planned for all the atolls of the extreme south or extreme north, where there are very few resorts and still the sea and the islands are pristine. Unique opportunity to find the authentic Maldives, as they were before the advent of tourism
Forget everything and enjoy your holiday at the rest we'll take care of!
Every day an appetizing menu in pure Italian style mixed with local flavors, a base of freshly caught fish, vegetables and tropical fruit. The pastry chef will delight the palates with cakes, cakes, biscuits, bread and pizzas.



"The Maldives hide an underwater paradise.


Discovering passion and adventure day by day


they are more exciting when we can share them with other people " 



The sea floors of the Maldives teem with beauty and life. Its marine fauna with all the typical fish of the coral reef and of the pelagic dominion is represented in its crystalline waters. Whale sharks, manta rays, turtles and even the very famous clownfish.



Heroes of the Maldives

The Portuguese had a keen interest in the Maldives because of the availability of cowry shells, and ambergris, an important ingredient in perfumes, and had been approached by the formerly expelled Sultan, Hassan IX to help him regain his throne. Three attempts have mainly been rejected because of Ali Rasgefaanu, which proved to be a brave and tenacious fighter. E 'became Sultan Ali VI but only for a few months, was killed during another Portuguese attack, dying a martyr. His tomb, built on the spot where he died in the sea is now on dry land due to the reclamation of land in Malé. day of a martyr, a public holiday, has been devoted to him. The next 15 years saw the darkest period in Maldivian history when the Portuguese tried to impose Christianity on the Isolani. Mohamed Thakurufaanu and its two original brothers island of Utheemu, they used a form of guerrilla warfare for eight long years, during which one of the brothers was caught and beheaded. Their strategy was to land on an island at night, kill the Portuguese in a surprise attack and sail away before dawn. Thakurufaanu has sought the help of Malabar, he killed the Portuguese leader Andreas Andre, locally known as Andiri Andirin, and resumed Malé. He was made Sultan and reigned for 12 years forming a trained standing army, introducing coins, improving trade and religious observance and founding a dynasty that lasted for 132 years.


The Maldives gained independence on July 26, 1965. Three years later, a republic was declared Prime Minister Ibrahim Nasir as the first president. In 1978, President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom became president and has been re-elected three times by then. A coup attempt in 1988 by Sri Lankan mercenaries was successfully repelled. Small as it is the Maldives has always maintained independence and a strong unity despite influences and threats from outside. I am now a town of international repute, a member of the United Nations, WHO, SAARC, Commonwealth, of the Non-Aligned Movement and others and play an important role in supporting the security of small nations and environmental protection