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is an academy led by LUCA MARINELLO
representative for italy of the


IMB Academy Los Angeles USA CA.

by G.M. Richard Bustillo is the direct descendant of Bruce Lee and of this JKD (Jeet Kune Do) discipline and its extreme effectiveness.
the IMB Academy Official Organization Los Angeles USA CA.
truly recognized all over the world under the direct guidance of Bruce Lee's Pupils thus faithfully maintaining what the JKD teaches. 
The Self Defense TEAM BUILDING Seminar aims to strengthen many aspects including the self-esteem of both individuals and teams,
The training program is simple but very effective.
It aims to acquire the best skills in use and defense through a mix of disciplines such as:

Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee's deadly personal defense
Born from Bruce Lee's ingenious ability to synthesize combat methodologies, JEET KUNE DO becomes the discipline par excellence that aims at real combat.

Suitable for everyone, but not everyone manages to break free from the rules.
Today, numerous SPECIAL FORCES and combat professionals are prepared with its principles.


Krav Maga

Added to this is the great attention paid to the preparation to face armed enemies, including firearms.
The techniques of krav maga are today particularly reflected and applied in the field of security operators, armed forces and police forces.



The term mixed martial arts (often abbreviated as MMA, an acronym for the English term Mixed martial arts, indicates a full contact combat sport whose regulation allows the use of both percussion techniques (i.e. kicks, punches, elbows and knees) , both of fighting techniques (such as projections, levers and strangulation).

An MMA competition begins with standing combat that can continue on the ground and athletes can win by points, by KO or by submission (i.e. forcing the opponent to surrender by lever or strangulation). 



Arnis & Knife Systems

Defense training knife and percussion weapons.

Defense and disarmament from a stabbing weapon, military tactical assault with stun and stun weapons, use of the extensible stick, kali, practice improvised weapons, first aid from cuts.




From the experience of the Master Luca Marinello
put to use with various international assault departments
and the direct guide of the Grand Master Bustillo
comes the effectiveness of these lessons.