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All the videos were made directly by us during our cruise weeks!

A preview of what you could experience in reality...

...emotions one after the other one! :)




March 2020 - A tour of the fantastic island of Fuvahmulah, located in the far south of the Maldives.







March 2020 - 

One of the most exciting Tiger Zoo ever!

In the Maldives experience only possible in Fuvahmulah, an island in the atolls of the far south.






February-March 2020 - A one-week summary in the far south of the Maldives between the Huvadhoo atoll (Suvadiva) and the island of Fuvahmulah.







 News 2019 - Directly on the boat you can take the PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle course, thus learning to use and dive with underwater scooters!







November 2019 - It is not yet high season and time can be a dancer but this is what the central atolls can give you!








The most famous night dive in Ari Atoll -

At sunset this famous dive site populates with nightlife!







Male - The capital of Maldives

Video not made by us, during the trip organized on the last day of the cruise we visit some glimpses of this chaotic city together.







Central atolls seen from the sky - A flight with the drone to admire this paradise!

Thanks to our angel Roberto for these beautiful images.






 Snorkeling - Not only cruises for divers ... but lots of fun also for those who are passionate about the world submerged only by the surface!







   Night Dive with Manta Rays - Night mooring in the central atolls that can offer the opportunity to dive or just observe these magnificent creatures from the stern of the boat!






 Manta Trust Cruise, October 2019 - We are in Baa atoll, a cruise in the northern atolls in the right period leave you speechless when you have encounters like these!







Check Dive - Very close to the marina of Hulumale, mooring point for arrivals / departures to the central atolls, a very fun diving and snorkelling!







Manta Passion Cruise, October 2019 - Raa Atoll, when the conditions are the right ones ... timing is everything and in a couple of minutes you are in the middle of a banquet!

Thanks to our Divemaster Muxey for the video.





Manta Passion Cruise, October 2019 - An absolutely unforgettable afternoon!







November 2019 - In Ari Sud sometimes you are lucky enough to meet the famous whale shark alone! 







 March 2019 - A dive like this on the external reef of Fuvahmulah does not happen every day and we have had the great fortune of being there ... yes, all this in the same dive!






 Night Life in Suvadiva - Some night moorings in the atoll of Huvadhoo, far south of the Maldives, can leave you sleepless ... for good reasons!







October 2019 - So began the adventure of the 2019 season in the Maldives ... HELLO!