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February March.


Huvadhoo - Fuvahmulah - Addu.


2-3 dives / day during 6 days of diving (7 nights on board)
Ideal for Maldivian pass lovers who have already traveled the classic routes.
Diving with large pelagics and strong emotions, the possibility of seeing the great ocean sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, fox sharks and ocean mantles.
Night meetings at the stern of the boat: whale shark
Itinerary with internal flights


The southern itinerary is synonymous with the wildest Maldives. The islands we will visit on this trip remain the same as at least 50 years ago. Even today the main activity of the inhabitants is fishing. Only here, in the last atolls of the south of the Maldives, can we enjoy the experience of discovering a wild and unique territory.

This cruise is the best choice for those who want to enjoy the encounter with the great pelagic varieties. The dives take place mainly in the kandu, the channels that form between the islands.

The current that passes between the islands is a source of attraction especially for gray sharks, white tip sharks, sea eagles, carangids while along the ocean reef or inside the pass you meet green turtles and a wide variety of different corals than the central atolls.  

In the southern itinerary, in addition to the large pelagics, in the atoll of Huvadhoo, you can observe the great whale sharks that at night approach the stern of the boat, attracted by the plankton that accumulates under the light of a special lamp.

It is the itinerary of strong emotions.

The island of Fuvvamulah surprises us at every dive for the presence of a great variety of pelagic along the only reef surrounding the island, current dives that will lead us to the encounter with silver tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks , fox sharks in the most fortunate occasions whale shark and sunfish also and if it happens in the right weeks, variable in the month of March, you can immerse yourself with the masterful oceanic mantas.

You can dive at very close range with tiger sharks, in the so-called Tiger Zoo assisted by the local diving, absolutely safe and very exciting!

The itinerary with dives adaptable to the experience and ability
of the diver.

However it is recommended as a minimum the Advanced patent to enjoy the best of the numerous passes.

A transfer with an internal flight is expected to reach or leave the boat, coinciding with international flights.