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The waters of Nosy Be already from the end of September, especially between the beginning of October and the end of December, are plenty with of nourishment : the "plankton", attracting a multitude of filter fish of different species and sizes.

The most awaited guest is the largest fish in the world and also the most wanted by all lovers of the sea, the whale shark!

Majestic and at the same time curious and harmless to humans, they migrate following the amount of plankton available in the water that is their main nourishment with the krill (small crustaceans).

The whale sharks in Nosy Be measure between 4 and 10 meters in length, filtering the water with their mouths open to feed they move slowly and very close to the surface, to swim beside them everything you need are only fins, mask and snorkel!

Swimming in contact with whale sharks will excite young and adults, seeing them move freely in their natural habitat is an inevitable opportunity for all nature lovers.

Unfortunately the whale shark is endangered.